Если сайт не отображается или делает это некорректно, то возможно вы используете блокировщик рекламы на сайте состоящем из рекламы. Отключите его для решения этой проблемы.


Internet banner formats

Internet banner formats

So, as it is easy to understand from the name of the workshop we are making banners here.

Today banner is one of the predominant online advertising formats. Banners can be found everywhere: on ordinary sites, in social networks, games and mobile applications, on huge digital screens in the city and small TVs in the elevator. According to Zenith, an international media agency, by 2022, banner advertising spending will overtake TV advertising spending and will account for 31.8% of the total market.

Depending on the data format and used toolkit banners can be divided into several formats.

JPEG banners

Simple graphic images. The JPEGfile format does not support any kind of animation, so the banners of this format are static. But static doesn’t mean boring. The task of a JPEGbanner, as well as a banner of any other format, is to help a brand to attract the user’s attention, to form the necessary associations with a product or service, and also to create the desired attitude towards the company. Therefore, it should completely stand out against the site and other banners.

Static JPEG banner for Actimel

GIF banners

As a rule, these are animated images, which are a sequence of raster frames that successively replace each other. A GIF banner can be static, i.e. contain one single frame, but the expediency of the use of such a format is then lost and it is more correct to use the JPEG format.

This format is usually used for simple scenarios. The matter is that the variety and smoothness of animation in it is achieved by increasing the number and frequency of frames, which then increases the weight of the banner file. Also, the format supports only 256 colors, and if the color palette of the content is wider, the image quality drops and artifacts begin to appear on it. This is most noticeable in gradients and shadows.

Dynamic GIF banner for Actimel

Flash banners

Today such banner format is no longer used. Unlike JPEG and GIF, which use bitmap graphics, these banners use vector graphics, which allows to get animation effects with a small banner size. The use of vector graphics makes it possible to implement entire plots in the banner.

There was supposed to be a flash banner, but they all died out 🙁

HTML5 banners

They are a combination of HTML elements, graphics and animation. This format perfectly adapts to any device and browser.

This format has actually replaced the flash format and also allows you to create various plots and animations, which makes it much more effective than GIF and JPEG banners. But do not forget that the plot and graphics and animation must be performed at a high level so as not to cause negative emotions or even rejection. I think each of you has come across “screaming” banners calling for something to download, increase or buy.

Animated HTML5 banner for Actimel

Video banners

With the development of the speed of the Internet and social networks this format is becoming more and more in demand. As a rule such a banner is a short video.

Video banner for Actimel for advertising in social networks